Paper on making OD Bundling Visualizations less misleading accepted to IEEE TVCG

OD Bundling is a popular technique to visualize key patterns in movement flows, but the curves illustrated can be misleading by suggesting paths that do not match true or plausible trajectories. We present an OD Morphing, to allow traffic and urban planners to interactively understand true waypoints and multiple paths between origin and destinations by incrementally morphing bundles to trajectories.

We will be presenting our paper at IEEE VIS in October later this year. Congratulations to team members Lyu Yan, Liu Xu, Hanyi, and Arpan!

Morphing transitions from OD bundling (left) to trajectory heatmap (right) improves faithfulness to actual movement paths.

VAST 2019: OD Morphing: balancing simplicity with faithfulness for OD bundling from VGTCommunity on Vimeo.

Lyu, Y., Liu, X., Chen, H., Mangal, A., Liu, K., Chen, C., and Lim, B. Y. 2019. OD Morphing: balancing simplicity with faithfulness for OD bundling. In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG).

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