About Us

The NUS Ubicomp Lab researches and develops Explainable AI-driven analytics and apps to improve people’s lives. We are interested in combining Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction to improve health, wellness and livability in smart cities with interpretable predictive analytics and mobile apps for automated self-tracking.

Some of our works

Highlighted Projects

Reasoned Framework for Human-Centric XAI
Explainable AI / Intelligibility / Medical
AI-HCI Research Landscape for Explanable Systems
Explainable AI / Intelligibility
Mobile Food Logging and Recommendation
Behavior Change / Food / Health Tracking / Wellness
Explainable AI for Medical Data Analytics
Data Analytics / Explainable AI / Medical
Population Analytics for Public Health
Data Analytics / Health Tracking / Wellness
Interactive Visualization for Urban Big Data
Data Analytics / Explainable AI / Visualization
FRESH Smart Home Platform
Energy / Internet-of-Things / Sensors / Smart Home
Intelligible Context-Aware Applications
Context-Awareness / Intelligibility