About Us

The NUS Ubicomp Lab researches and develops Explainable AI-driven analytics and apps to improve people’s lives. We are interested in combining Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction to improve health, wellness and livability in smart cities with interpretable predictive analytics and mobile apps for automated self-tracking.

Some of our works

Highlighted Projects

Reasoned Framework for Human-Centric XAI
Explainable AI / Intelligibility / Medical
AI-HCI Research Landscape for Explanable Systems
Explainable AI / Intelligibility
Mobile Food Logging and Recommendation
Behavior Change / Food / Health Tracking / Wellness
Explainable AI for Medical Data Analytics
Data Analytics / Explainable AI / Medical
Population Analytics for Public Health
Data Analytics / Health Tracking / Wellness
Interactive Visualization for Urban Big Data
Data Analytics / Explainable AI / Visualization
FRESH Smart Home Platform
Energy / Internet-of-Things / Sensors / Smart Home
Intelligible Context-Aware Applications
Context-Awareness / Intelligibility

Our Team

Brian Y. LIM
Principal Investigator
Homin PARK
Research Fellow
Research Fellow

Ashraf ABDUL
PhD Student, co-advisor Prof Mohan Kankanhalli
WANG Danding
PhD Student
PhD Student, co-advisor Prof Joseph J. Williams
PhD Student, co-advisor Prof Bryan K. H. Low
LU Hangxin
PhD Student, ETH Zurich, Advisor Prof Gerhard Schmitt
Gucheng WANG
PhD Student
ZHANG Wencan
PhD Student

LIU Weilong
MComp Student
WU I-Shuen
MComp Student
YANG Zijie
Research Engineer

Undergraduate Student (Final Year Project)
Undergraduate Student (Final Year Project)
LI Pengcheng
Undergraduate Student (Final Year Project)
Jolyn TAN
Undergraduate Student (Final Year Project)
Undergraduate Intern, Southeast University, China
Emily CHEN
Undergraduate Intern, MIT

Latest News

Welcome new PhD student ZHANG Wencan

Let us welcome Zhang Wencan as a new PhD student to our lab!  Wencan He received M.S & B.S degrees from EE department at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research …

TasteHealthy at Innovfest Unbound 2018

We were fortunate to exhibit and demo our TasteHealthy food logging mobile app at Innovfest Unbound 2018. We received interesting inquiries from various businesses and government agencies. Thank you Homin …







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